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Feedback from parents and students

"I just wanted to say thank you to whomever coordinated the House Calls program!  My daughter is a junior this year and is off-campus for the first time.  She told me about the lady that came by to check on them and how much she enjoyed talking with her.  What a wonderful program!  I really appreciate the time that it took for faculty, staff and other volunteers to do that.  [P]rograms like this one are just constant reminders of how much Appalachian cares about students!"

"I appreciate the effort to let people know what resources are available and encourage them to reach out if they need help."

"Very nice people and experience, overall!  They were very kind to my dogs and made me feel better about ASU in general."

"Good resource!"  "I really enjoyed them coming by."  "Overall, I think it was a great idea."