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Reflections from Previous Volunteers

"I wanted to thank you for allowing me to participate in such a meaningful event last night.  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many students on their own turf.  As a part of the faculty, participatng in House Calls has given me the opportunity to reflect on students' lives and living situations outside the classroom..."

"I felt like everyone we came in contact with was very open and appreciative that the University would have individuals going door-to-door welcoming students back and providing them with reminders for their individual safety."

"I loved meeting the students who were [home].  I think all were receptive to our visit, and most were very appreciative that their campus faculty/ staff would take the time to reach out to them."

"I had a great time helping with this and look forward to helping again in the future!"

"It was fun.  I met new colleagues."

"Excellent outreach effort."  "I thought it was tremendous!"